Yellow Water in Toilet – Possible Reasons and Easy Solutions

When going to use the toilet at home, everyone wants to get something clean and safe. If it is not clean enough, there won’t be any difference between a public toilet and the home toilet. Unfortunately, you will struggle with different issues with the toilet, even if you try to keep everything clean. Yellow water in toilet is one of those issues.

If someone notices that toilet water is yellow, at the first glance, it seems like someone didn’t flush it after usage. Well, that could be a possible reason but chances are there are other issues in the toilet that are causing the yellow water. This article is going to share the details of why suddenly toilet water becomes yellow and how to get rid of it.

Why Does Toilet Water Become Yellow?

People often surprisingly ask why my toilet water is yellow! Well, if all of a sudden, you notice that the toilet water is yellow, there may be several possible reasons. It varies for users and the setting of the toilet. However, whatever the reason is, it is really disgusting to see water like pee in the toilet. Here are the reasons to see yellow water in the toilet –

Mineral in Water – The most common reason for yellow toilet water is mineral in the water supply. If you use water from a good pump, there is a good chance that the water contains minerals in a high amount. After a long time of usage, the mineral starts developing in the sidewalls of the toilet. Now, when you even flush, the minerals don’t wash away, and water remains yellow.

Iron in the Water – In some cases, the toilet water will have a reddish-yellow color. It mostly happens when the water has iron. There are two possible causes of iron in the water. The first is rusted pipe fittings, and the second one is iron in the water. However, the first one is more common. When you have an old pipe fitting, it will start rusting after a certain time. When water comes from this line, iron mixes with water. Now when someone flushes the toilet, he/she is actually mixing the iron with fresh water.

Rusted Bolts in Tanks – The flush tank in the toilet often may cause yellow water. There are multiple bolts in the toilet tank. When they get rusted, iron mixes with water. So, when the user does a flush, the toilet water looks yellow. However, this is not very common in most cases.

How to Get Rid of Yellow Water in Toilet?

Want to get rid of the yellow water in your toilet? Then you will have to take the necessary steps. You can do different things based on the situation. For each type of problem, the solution would be different. Here are the things that one can do when the toilet tank is filled with yellow water –

Clean the Mineral

If the mineral is developed in the side walls toilet bowl or the tank, you need to clean it to get back the normal color in water. To remove minerals inside the tank, open up the lid. Check the area where minerals are developed. Now you can use a regular scrubber to remove it or you may also use a brush. Once removed, pour some water and check for the watercolor.

To clean minerals from the sidewalls of the toilet to avoid yellow water, you will have to use a toilet brush. You may also use toilet cleaner liquid to remove the minerals from sidewalls. Once it is cleaned, do 2-3 flush and check the watercolor. It shouldn’t have a yellow color anymore.

Clean the Rust in the Tank

If there is rust inside the water tank in the toilet, it could make the water yellow. Rust mostly develops in the bolts of the tank. So, you need to clean the bolts to avoid yellow water. Open the lid of the tank and start removing rust from bolts. To remove the rust, use a hard brush that can easily remove rust. Apply the brush with gentle pressure to clean rusts from bolts. It could be, however, very difficult to remove the rusts from bolts. In that case, we would suggest replacing the bolts from the tank.

Get a New Pipe Fitting

It is easy to remove rust from bolts in the tank, but you can’t clean rust from the pipe inside. Old pipe fittings often cause too much rust and that need to replace. Iron easily mixes with water and gives it a yellow color. You may try to check the pipe fitting to know where rust is happening. But there is no guarantee that you will find the exact location. Rather, it is always better to replace the fittings. However, you can’t replace the whole fitting yourself. Call a plumber who can handle this easily.

How to Remove Yellow Water Stains in Toilets?

When you don’t take any steps for yellow water in the toilet, that could cause stains in the toilet. To remove the yellow water stains in the toilet, only flush is not enough.

To remove hard yellow stain from the toilet, use borax powder and vinegar. Start with the borax powder. Take at least ¼ cup of borax powder and swish it around the toilet bowl. Wait for a few minutes. Now pour 1 cup of vinegar in the toilet bowl. Wait for at least 30 minutes so that vinegar can start working.

Now use a toilet brush and scrub the side walls gently. It will remove the yellow stain. Flush the toilet, and you will see the toilet bowl doesn’t have any yellow stains. For very hard stains, follow the same steps twice.

Final Words

Yellow water in toilets is not an alarming thing if you know the reason behind it. But it makes a bad sense when someone sees yellow water that looks like poo. So, cleaning and getting rid of the yellow water inside the toilet is necessary. Follow the steps as mentioned in this article, and you will be happy for sure. For any critical condition, never be too late to call a plumber.

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