Why Does My Shower Go Cold When I Turn Another Tap On – What to Do?

In your bathroom, you may face several issues over time, and one of the common issues is dropping temperature in the shower water. As a result, people often ask why does my shower go cold when I turn another tap on! Well, there are several possible reasons, and you need to be smart to handle this.

Water goes cold in the shower when you turn another tap because it is related to the supply chain of water. As your home gets water supply from a central water system, when something else is open, a new demand creates. So, the hot water goes to the newly opened tap, and the shower water goes cold. However, it could be the water mixing valve inside the shower.

For temperature dropping in the shower, you can’t change the whole system in the bathroom. But you can take some smart steps to balance it. This article will let you know the details.

Why Does My Shower Go Cold When I Turn Another Tap On – Possible Reasons

Mineral in the Tank

Most people use a heating system that comes with a tank for water storage. After a period of regular usage of the heater, minerals can build up in the tank, and that reduces water capacity. So, the warm water supply ends quickly, and the shower goes cold.

Leakage in the Pipes

For old bathrooms, water leakage in the pipe can be the possible reason for getting cold water in the shower. Because of the leakage, air traps inside the pipe and make the warm water cold.

Damaged Shower Valve

The water valve in the shower could also get damaged after a few years of usage though it is not very common. But if you have checked everything and didn’t find anything wrong, possibly the valve is leaking behind the wall, and it is unable to mix cold and hot water to supply in the shower head.

Why does shower water temperature keeps changing

As mentioned previously, sometimes water goes cold in the shower even if you don’t turn another tap on. In such cases, the valve in the shower is the culprit. You need to identify what is happening inside. For instance, the shower may go cold when the valve is leaking behind the wall.

If the valve keeps leaking, the ratio of cold water and hot water remains unstable. Sometimes you will feel like the temperature of the water is too high and sometimes too cold. So, the only solution is to reseal the valve with sealant or replacing the previous one.

What causes water pressure to fluctuate?

The most common reason for water pressure fluctuation in the bathroom is a faulty plumbing system. If any of the fitting in the shower is not okay, it may affect the water pressure. For example, when the stop valve is not working, or there is leakage in the pipes, water pressure drops.

The pipes in the home are supposed to supply only water. But for any reason, if air traps inside the pipe, water pressure fluctuates. To get rid of the issue, you need to find out if there is any leakage in the main water supply. Fix the leakage, and it will work fine again.

However, it may sound silly, but if your neighbor is consuming too much while you are using water too, it will drop the water pressure. Simply speak out to your neighbor about the issue and solve it. Or, you can also ask your water supply company to give you a solution.

How to check water temperature?

If you are wondering how to test water temperature in the shower, it is easy to do. Just run the water for at least three minutes from the shower so that the pipe can drain out cold water. Now keep the water running and hold a cup under the showerhead and fill the cup with water.

Make sure the cup is filled enough where you can put an instant-read thermometer. Now place the thermometer inside the cup and read the temperature. It is that simple!

How long does shower water stay hot?

It depends on the rate of water flow through the shower and the size of the water tank. Because as much as the tank supplies water, the shower can mix the cold and hot water. Also, depending on the method of warming water, it could vary.

For instance, let’s consider the tank has 50 gallons of capacity, and you are using an electric water heating system in the bathroom. An average shower can spend 2 gallons of water through the showerhead. When water comes in the valve, it mixes hot and cold water to provide warm water. So, you can expect to have warm water flow from the shower for at least 15 minutes.

Remember that it always varies based on the setting in the shower.

How to keep water at a constant temperature?

Though shower water is supposed to be at a consistent temperature, it won’t happen to everything. Especially when you turn on the second tap. For instance, you are taking a shower and at the same time flush the toilet, the water will go cold. To keep the temperature consistent, the best thing to do is; don’t turn on other taps.

If hot water turns cold in the shower all the time, you must have to check the mixing valve inside the shower. If the valve is faulty or the seal inside is broken, hot water temperature fluctuates in shower. Primarily, you could change the sealing and apply plumber putty as new sealing. If it is damaged badly, replace the shower valve.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my shower go cold when I flush the toilet?

When someone flushes the toilet, and the shower is also open, water may go cold. It happens because of water demand. As two water lines demand water at the same time, the shower reduces the supply of water, and warm water goes in the toilet tank. To be hassle-free we recommend using less water in the flush while taking a shower.

Why does my shower suddenly go cold?

If you find the shower suddenly goes cold, the possible reason is a faulty water heater or a damaged shower valve. For both cases, you need to check them manually and fix them. If the water heater is new, and there is nothing to deal with, the valve in the shower may have some issues. Either it is leaking, or the valve is damaged.

Why is my water getting cold so fast?

Water in the bathroom can go cold fast if the water heater is not working properly. Particularly, if sediment is built up in the heater, which reduces the space for water. As a result, it can’t supply warm water for longer. We suggest maintaining the water heater regularly, keeping it clean and secure to get a smooth supply of warm water.

Final Words

Hope you won’t have to search again why does my shower go cold when I turn another tap on, all details are explained here. Mostly you can fix it yourself if shower temperature fluctuates. But when the situation is too complicated to handle yourself, consult with a plumber. He will guide you on what to do and how to fix it.

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