Water Level in Toilet Bowl Keeps Dropping – Possible Reasons and Easy Solution

The whole setup in a toilet needs to function properly to keep everything normal. Errors in any of the parts of the setup could cause different problems. Dropping the water level in the toilet bowl is one of them. The water level used to remain at a constant height. But when something is malfunctioning, the water level may drop.

People often become worried when the water level in toilet bowl keeps dropping. However, in most cases solving this issue is nothing difficult. Keeping the water level at the proper level is important to keep everything functioning. To solve the toilet bowl water level drops problem, the first thing to do is finding the reasons why toilet bowl water level dropping. This article will describe elaborately why toilet bowl water level is low sometimes in your bathroom.

What Are the Possible Reasons?

If the water level drops in toilet bowl, there are different possible reasons. Here are the things that could happen in the whole toilet function, which might cause toilet bowl water level drops.

  1. Crack or damage in the toilet bowl
  2. Blockage in the toilet vent

How to Identify Why Toilet Bowl Slowly Loses Water?

Knowing why does water in toilet bowl get low is as important as knowing how to raise water level in toilet bowl.

Checking the Toilet Bowl

The first thing you need to do is checking the toilet bowl if there is any damage or a slow thin crack in it. Even a hairline crack in the toilet bowl can drop the water level. To check it, you need to use some color. It could be food color or anything else. But the color must need to be water-soluble. Before applying the color in the toilet bowl, mark the original water level in the bowl where it is always supposed to be.

Apply a few drops of the color in the toilet bowl. Once done, flush the toilet with full pressure. Now, wait for at least one hour to ensure that the toilet bowl has cracked. Because when the crack or leak is too thin, it will take enough time to drop the water level.

After one hour, check the toilet if the water level drops in toilet bowl. Now check the back of the toilet bowl if there is water on the floor. If you find water, check if it has color to ensure the bowl is cracked. If you can identify there is colored water, it means the toilet bowl slowly loses water because of the cracked toilet bowl.

Checking the Vent System

All the drainage lines in the toilet are connected to the sewerage line. The sewerage line has a vent hose on the rooftop. If the vent doesn’t work properly or there is a blockage with something, water in the toilet bowl may drop low.

To check this, turn on all the faucets and then flush the toilet. If the vent can’t pass the air properly, while passing water in the drains, it will sound like gargling. You need to be very careful to hear the gurgling sound. If you hear the sound, it means the vent is blocked with debris or anything else.

How to Adjust Water Level in Toilet Bowl?

If you are sure that the water level in toilet bowl keeps dropping and you know the reason, now is time to fix it. Wondering how to increase toilet bowl water level? No worries! Here we have discussed the details of how to raise water level in toilet bowl.

Changing the Toilet Bowl

It is almost impossible to locate the exact area of the cracking in the toilet bowl. So, you must have to replace it with a new one. Though it seems hard to replace a toilet bowl, with the proper tools, you can do it.

First, remove water from the bowl and the toilet tank. Turn off all the water lines to the toilet tank and the bowl. For this, use the shutoff valve. Move the valve clockwise, and it will stop supplying water. Now flush the toilet tank to make it empty. Next, remove water from the toilet bowl with the shutoff valve. To dry the remaining water, soak a sponge in water and dry the entire area.

On the backside of the bowl, some nuts are holding it in place. Remove the nuts with a wrench and screwdriver. Once all the nuts are removed, you can easily lift it. Remove the toilet bowl and cut off the caulks if it is holding the bowl.

Now place the new toilet bowl in place, use new nuts, and give them a gentle tight. Use a new wax seal for securing the bowl to the ground. Once everything is done, open the water supply for both the toilet bowl and the tank.

If you have done everything accordingly, water won’t drop again.

Fixing Clogged Vent

If the water level in toilet bowl keeps dropping because of a clogged vent, the clogging needs to be removed. For this, go to the rooftop where the vent is open to pass the sewerage gas. Check if debris or anything is causing clogging. Remove the debris and other kinds of stuff so that air can pass through it.

Next, you could pour some water from the upper side of the vent or you may spray water with a high-pressure cleaning hose pipe. It will help to break down the clogging inside.

For additional safety, feed an auger into the vent so that it could remove the clogging inside. The auger should be at least 20 feet so that it can go all the way down. If there is something hard inside, it will help to break it and clean the clogging from the vent.

After following the above two methods, now one will say again that the water level in my toilet bowl drops.

Final Verdict

Now you know why the water level in toilet bowl keeps dropping and how to adjust the water level in toilet bowl. It is not so difficult to keep everything functioning. Follow the steps as described above, and there won’t be any issues. However, adjusting the water level in a toilet bowl for someone who doesn’t have the basics of a bath fixture. In that case, we recommend calling a professional.

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