Water Coming Out of Shower Head When Filling Bathtub – Possible Solutions

No matter whether you have a modern bathroom or an old-style one, there would be some common issues. But the good news is, you always don’t need to call a professional to fix the issue. You can solve most of the issues yourself using some simple tools.

Water coming out of shower head when filling bathtub is one of the most common issues people often struggle with. The possible reason is shower head leaks when filling the tub. Whatever the reason is, it is required to identify the actual issue before starting fixing it. In this article, we have shared everything in detail.

Why Does Water Come Out of Shower Head When Filling Tub?

Several reasons could cause leaking water from the showerhead while filling the tub.

High Water Pressure

For instance, if the water is flowing with too much pressure, that could create extra pressure in the waterline. As a result, water makes its own way through the showerhead to remove the excess water. 

Damaged Diverter

If you notice that no water coming out of the bathtub faucet when the shower is on, there is no issue in the tub. The reason is the diverter in the shower isn’t working properly. In that case, the diverter needs to change or fix.

Faulty Spout in Tub

Another possible reason is; the spout of the bathtub has clogged. If so, either you have to remove the clogging or have to replace it with a new one.

How to Identify Water Leakage in the Shower Head and Fix It?

It is crucial to identify what is causing water leakage. You will have to check the whole system in several steps to make sure everything is going in the right manner.

Check the Tub Spout

We have found that most of the time the water leakage happens from the bathtub spout. The good thing is, if the tub spout is the main issue, you could fix it easily. Also, you would save money on repairs. To check the spout, you need to remove it.

Remove the Spout

The tub spout mostly comes in two types which are screw-on and slip-on. Whichever type you got in your bathroom, you need to remove the faucet for checking it.

First of all, find out the screws in the faucet. These could be some small screws that are holding the spout. Also, there will be caulk between the faucet and the wall. Use a sharp knife to cut the caulk and get access to the screws.

Now use a hex key or a screwdriver whatever fits the screws. Remove the screws smoothly and the faucet will come off from the base. For a slip-on faucet, you need to pull it anticlockwise with gentle pressure. If it hurts your hand, use a washcloth to hold the faucet and put enough pressure. It will easily come off.

Inspect the Spout

Once you have removed the faucet from the tub, turn on the waterline and if water is not coming out of the shower head, the issue is with the spout, not the shower head. So, check the spout carefully to discover what is causing the problem.

Possibly the spout has clogging inside. It is not difficult to remove the clogging. You could use a simple tweezer or toothpick to remove the clogging. The clogging used to be formed with minerals from water. However, if it is badly clogged, you need to replace the spout with a new one.

Checking the Diverter Behind Wall

Unfortunately, sometimes the diverter behind the wall could cause leaking in the shower head. A diverter is a water valve that diverts water flow to both the shower head and the faucet of the tub. Now, for any reason, if the diverter doesn’t work properly, it will leak behind the wall and there will be stains under the bathroom ceiling. To check this, go to your basement and look for the position of the stain. If it is just under the shower, you need to remove the diverter and fix it.

Remove the diverter from its basement and check the cartridge. If it is damaged or clogged, you need to replace the cartridge. 

Look for Error in the Installation of the Pipe

If the installation of the shower head has some errors, this could be the reason for water coming out of shower head when filling bathtub. It mostly happens because of the wrong selection of the pipe size. When the pipe is too narrow, water can’t pass smoothly and the high pressure of water flows some water in the shower head that drips slowly.

To solve it, the pipe needs to be replaced with a new one which has a larger diameter. However, fixing this yourself won’t be possible in most cases. Must call a professional plumber to fix this. Just remember to purchase the pipe with the required diameter to avoid further issues.

Water Coming Out of Bathtub Faucet and Shower Head When Turned Off

Sometimes water drips in both the bathtub faucet and shower head and this is not connected to any damage. It simply happens because of calcium or lime deposit in the faucet or shower head. While water continuously flows through the pipe, calcium or lime gradually store in the head. So, even if the user turns the handle off, some water can’t pass through and it slowly drips. As a result, it seems like water is leaking from the shower head or faucet.

Simply check the shower head and faucet if there is any deposit of calcium. Remove it either with your fingertip or with a cloth and that water won’t drip again.

Final Words

You don’t have to be worried anymore if the water comes out of shower head when filling bathtub. Everything is described here that you need to know. Also, we have shared how you could fix it yourself. Just follow the steps and you will get rid of the issue. For any critical condition, must consult with a professional to avoid further hassle. 

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