Toilet Leaking Into Basement – How to Fix It in Easy Ways

You like to keep your toilet as well as the bathroom clean and organized, right? But a little mess in the toilet could make things worse. Toilet leaking into basement is such an issue that is often happening because of various reasons. If things get worse, your basement could get flooded with filthy water.

When a toilet pipe leaking in basement, most people get puzzled and wonder what to do! Probably you would think to call a plumber to fix this. But that would cost you some extra bucks, and there is no point in that when you can do it yourself in a few steps. Thinking how you can fix this? Stay tuned to this article and you will get to know everything.

How to Understand It Toilet Leaking into Basement?

To check and confirm that the toilet is leaking into the basement, you need to visit the basement. Now look on the ceiling of the basement for any wet spot. If you find there is a spot just under the toilet, it is sure that the toilet is leaking. However, in some cases, the toilet won’t leak directly under its sitting position. You may find wet spots in other areas as well. This used to happen because of a faulty pipe or drainage system.

Why Fixing Toilet Leaking into the Basement is Essential?

When you are sure that the toilet is leaking and the water coming into the basement, you should take immediate steps to fix it. Because if water continuously leaks into the basement, it will damage the ceiling of the basement. After a particular time, the ceiling would apparently become weak and may crackdown. In that case, it could be the worst thing, and you will have to spend thousands of bucks. But early steps can save everything.

Why Does the Toilet Leak at The Base?

The toilet may leak into the basement for several possible reasons. Sometimes it can be the faulty toilet, and sometimes something else would cause it. Here are the reasons for leaking toilet which is common in most cases –

The first common reason for leaking in the toilet is a faulty wax ring or a damaged wax ring. Wax ring is a part of the toilet that keeps the toilet seat connected to the ground. Sometimes it can happen because of a new replacement that hasn’t been installed in the right manner. You won’t realize that water is leaking each time you flush the toilet. As a result, water can leak in the downstairs or into the basement.

The next common reason for leaking toilet water into basement is leakage in the drainpipes. After a certain period of usages, the drainpipes could get damaged or leak water. So, when water is trying to pass through the drainage system to the sewerage line, water leaks from it, and you will find water in the basement.

Another common thing that happens in some cases but not so common is a leak in the supply line that is connected to the drainage system. The supply line is usually connected with the drainpipes. But when attaching the pipes, a joint between pipes may not be right. Or the joint may become loose after a few years. For this, water can easily leak into the basement.

How to Solve Toilet Leaking in Basement Issue?

Regardless of the reasons, you must have to fix the problem to prevent damaging the ceiling of the basement or downstairs. As there are several possible reasons, fixing ways would vary. But you don’t need to be very tensed as here we are going to share the ways in detail that anybody can follow. Whether toilet pipe leaking in the basement or it is because of the wax ring, the solutions are here.

Check and Replacing the Wax Ring

If you find that the wax ring is the main culprit for toilet leaking, you need to replace it. For this, you need to remove the toilet seat and then remove the older one and fix a new one. To remove the toilet seat, you need to turn off the water line to the toilet. For this, turn on the shutoff valve of the toilet by turning it clockwise. Then find the bolts that are attached to both sides of the toilet seats and holding the toilet seat in place. Remove the bolts with a plier and pull the toilet seat, the toilet seat will come off.

Now wear a set of rubber gloves and remove the wax ring. Check how much damage is in the wax ring. If it is too much, you need to replace it. Remove the old wax ring and clean the old wax from the surface. Then place the wax ring in place with wax, and you are ready to go. Reinstall the toilet seat in its place and turn on the water supply. It won’t leak again into the basement.

Fixing Loose Connection of Pipes

As mentioned, after years of usages, the connection between the pipes of the drainage system may get loose. When water passes through it, leakage may happen, and it damages the ceiling of the basement.

To fix it, you need an adjustable ladder so that you can get access to the joints of the pipes. Now, how loose the connections are. If it is too loose, you may not be able to fix it yourself. Otherwise, you can use thread tape to wrap the whole joint and stop water leakage. If the pipes are connected with an elbow connector, give it a gentle tight and check if the water is passing through it. If there is no water leakage, nothing else needs to do.

Leaking of the Drainpipes

If the drainpipes are faulty and leaking water, you need to locate the leak. For this, check the pipes closely from the basement. Once you have found the leak, check the size of the leak. If it is too big to fix yourself, the pipe needs to replace it with new. Also, this will require expert help. Probably, you will have to call a plumber.

If you find the leak is not too big, you can instantly fix it with epoxy putty. Epoxy putty can conveniently stop leaking, and it will sustain for years. Use some high-quality epoxy putty and follow the instructions from the manufacturer for application. Now place enough putty on the leakage and give it time for drying. In the meantime, don’t flush water in the toilet and don’t open the faucets. Depending on the brands, it may take 3 to 4 hours for the putty to make a strong bonding with the drainpipes.

Check the putty if it is dried and turn on the faucets and do some flushes on the toilet. Now check if the water is leaking again or not. If you have done everything accurately, the toilet won’t leak into the basement.

Final Words

Toilet leaking into basement is really a challenging thing to fix. But if you follow the above methods, it won’t take much effort. However, you may need some essential tools. Collect the tools, use your basic knowledge of plumbing, and fix it. It won’t take more than an hour to solve the problem. But be careful when identifying the main reason for leakage to make the fixing task easier.

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