Toilet Flapper Closes Too Soon – Things You Could Do to Solve It

Your toilet has several important parts and when all of them perform properly, you get the perfect work done. The toilet flapper is one of the parts of the system and it is supposed to work properly. Unfortunately, some people find the toilet flapper closes too soon. This is really disgusting when it happens and the toilet runs water all day long.

So, what could you do to get rid of the issue? Do you need to purchase a new one or you can fix it yourself? This article is going to discuss everything to get rid of the issue.

What Does a Toilet Flapper Do?

A toilet flapper is the most important thing in your toilet tank. What you used to do once you are done with poo? Just pull the chain and everything washes away, right? The mechanism works with the toilet flapper. It allows the water to flow to the bowl from the tank. When you pull that chain, the flapper opens and water can pass through it. If the toilet chain stuck under the flapper, the flush will be incomplete.

How Long Should Toilet Flapper Stays Open?

Most people don’t understand when he/she can say that the toilet flapper closes too soon. Well, it is all about the power in the flush. If you see the water is flowing from the tank smoothly and the flush is strong enough, the flapper is staying open for enough time. So, it is clear that the toilet flapper needs to stay open unless water can fully move to the bowl from the tank. It could be 3 to 8 seconds based on the toilet and the size of the flush tank. But when the toilet flapper closes immediately, it means the flapper needs to stay open for more time.

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Why Does Toilet Flapper Close Quickly?

There are several possible reasons for closing a toilet flapper before flushing wall the water from the tank. For any of these reasons, the toilet flapper won’t stay up.

The most common reason in most cases is the chain attached to the flapper. When it becomes too slack, the chain can’t hold the flapper open until the water can flush out from the tank. It mostly happens when you are using the same toilet tank and the same chain for a long time. The chain gradually becomes slack which is more than the essential size. As a result, it can’t pull the flapper widely.

Another possible reason is a faulty flapper. Sometimes the flapper doesn’t close too soon but it seems like it is closing quickly. It mostly happens because of the error in the flapper.

A toilet flapper used to come in rubber construction. When it is closed, water can’t pass through it. It needs to open to flush the water and when that doesn’t happen, you think the flapper is closing. But sometimes water can’t flush because there may be a leakage which causes a runny toilet and less water remaining in the tank. As a result, the flush would be weak. It could also happen just because the toilet flapper is not sealing tightly.

How to Know If the Toilet Flapper Closes Too Fast

Before fixing any problem in your toilet system, it is essential to identify the issue. The same thing goes for toilet flappers. Before you assume that the toilet flapper goes down too fast, observe the flapper.

To observe the process, you will have to remove the lid from the tank so that you can observe the process. Just pull the lid and it will

First of all, you need to check the power of the flush. You can simply check this by running a test flush. When a flush is occurring, inside the tank, the toilet flapper would be open. Now, if the flapper is closing very fast

Another point is, when the toilet flapper closes too soon, you need to pull the handle down to flush. This means the flapper is not staying open when the user doesn’t pull the chain completely.

Sometimes the toilet chain is stuck under the flapper and it can’t open the flapper widely. As a result, the toilet flapper closes too soon. You need to look for a stuck chain when everything else is working fine.

How to Stop Toilet Flapper from Closing Too Quickly?

If you find that the toilet flapper closes too soon, you need to find out how to fix a stuck toilet flapper or what the solutions for the toilet flapper goes down too fast. The good thing is, we have shared the detailed methods here that you can follow to fix the problem. You don’t need to call a professional plumber to fix it.

Check the Chain – The first thing you need to do is check the chain of the flush. Look for the measurement of slack in it. For a normal flushing chain, the slack would be up to ½ inch. But when it is crossing this limit, it means the chain is too long to hold the flapper open. So, adjust the length of the chain and set the chain slack at ½ inch. Now run a test flush again and check if the toilet flapper is remaining open for enough time.

Check for a Stuck Chain – If the toilet flapper chain or the flush chain gets stuck under the flapper, you need to remove the chain. Simply pull the chain from the upper side and make sure it is working finely and can keep the toilet flapper open.

How to Stop Runny Water in the Toilet?

Did you ever struggle with a runny toilet? This is a common scenario for most of the old toilets. It wastes gallons of water and increases the utility bill. To avoid such issues, you need to take immediate steps.

To stop a runny toilet, first of all, remove the lid from the tank. If you find that the toilet flapper is stuck open, it means water can’t stay in the tank and is leaking. Sometimes even if the toilet flapper is closed, water may leak. It happens because of a small gap between the sealing line of the toilet flapper. Check the whole toilet flapper and if there is dust and debris, remove them and try to seal it properly. Now run a test flush and check if the flapper is closing tightly. If so, you won’t struggle with runny water again.

Final Words

You have got the idea of why the toilet flapper closes too soon and how it is causing a weak flush. Just follow the steps as described to get rid of it. Sometimes, however, people ask why the toilet flapper stays open. This is the opposite of a fast closing toilet flapper. It mostly happens because of a fault flush chain. You need to check it and replace it if necessary.

The purpose of the article is to help you in solving small issues in the toilet. But sometimes the problem could be so critical that you may have to call a plumber. Be aware of it and avoid possible issues.

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