Toilet Bubbling When Washer Drains – Possible Reasons and Easy Solutions

When flushing the toilet, it shouldn’t make any gurgling sound or noise. Bubbling or gurgling noise in the toilet indicates that it might have some problems. If you hear gurgling noise, you will also notice toilet bubbling when washer drains. People often become confused and wonder why would the toilet bubble! It is nothing uncommon, and the solution is also easy if you know the exact reason.

Several things could happen. It could be a small blockage in the drain or may have some other issues. Whatever the main reason is, it requires a quick fix. Otherwise, after a certain time, you may have to call a professional plumber, which will cost a lot. This article will let you know why the toilet is bubbling and what to do.

Common Reasons for Toilet Bubbling When Washer Drains

In most homes, the toilet and the washer are connected in the same drain. So, when the washer has issues, the toilet may show bubbles. Here are the top reasons for toilet bubbling when washer drains –

Wrong Installation of the Hose in Washer

Every washing machine does have hose pipes that drain the water after washing clothes. The hosepipe used to share the same drainage system as the toilet. As a result, issues in the hose pipe cause problems in the toilet. However, the kitchen sink may not have the same connection, and that is why you hear gurgling noise while the washer drains but not when the sink drains water.

When you are using the washing machine, it drains water with high pressure. If the hose pipe is in the wrong position or installation is not okay, it won’t be able to drain water easily. As a result, there will be air inside the drainage system that causes negative pressure, and you see bubbles in the toilet.

Partial Clogging in the Drain

The drain in your bathroom may have a partial clogging, which causes barriers for water. Even a little clogging in the drain can cause negative pressure in the drainage system. So, the washer tries to drain water, it creates negative air pressure, and you will bubble in the toilet and hear some gurgling noise. Even you may notice the toilet bubbling after heavy rain because the main sewerage line remains full of water, and the drain can’t pass water through it.

Clogging in the Waste Pipe

The waste pipe in the toilet should always be clean and obstacles-free. Unfortunately, sometimes people throw things in the toilet that shouldn’t be. For instance, kids often throw things in the toilet as they don’t know it can clog the sewer. When the thrown things are not water-soluble, it can’t pass easily to the sewer line. As a result, it may have stuck in the P-trap. The next time when using the toilet, you will see the toilet bubbling when flushing.

It actually happens because of an imbalance in the air system in the toilet. So, negative pressure will cause bubbles when the washer drains water or flushing the toilet after usage.

Clogged in the Air Vent

Regardless of the interior and the drainage system, every home has a main vent pipe on the rooftop. Most people don’t know that there is a vent on the roof. As a result, no one cares about it. The vent pipe is the main thing that keeps the balance of air pressure in the drainage system. It usually doesn’t have any cover. So, insects or debris can easily pass through the open area.

Nothing will happen in the beginning. But after a certain time, things that entered the vent pipe will cause clogging. As a result, the toilet burps big bubble when flushed.

How to Stop Toilet Bubbling When Washer Drains?

You need to take the steps according to the problem. Because everyone won’t face the same issue, and the reason for bubbling will vary. So, here we have discussed the ways that fit for various concerns.

Change the Hose

If the problem is in the hosepipe of the washer, you need to fix it to stop toilet bubbling when washer drains. If the hose pipe installation is not ok, check if there is anything wrong with it. Change the positioning and make sure there is no fold or lap in the hose pipe. Make it straight so that water can pass through it. Check the hose to ensure it is properly inserted into the drainage system. It shouldn’t fall down, otherwise, it won’t be able to pass the water.

In some cases, the hose pipe could break. If so, you need to remove the old hose pipe and install a new one.

Push Through the Clogging

If there is partial clogging or clogging in the P-trap, you need to use a plunger in the toilet to remove clogging. For this, use a good plunger that creates enough pressure inside the toilet. A plunger is a small toilet tool that creates a vacuum inside the toilet drainage system and pushes through the clogging.

The pressure needs to be strong enough so that clogging gets removed from the drainage system of the vent. For maximum efficiency, we recommend blocking all other drains. It helps to create more pressure on the drainage system. As a result, the plunger will remove the clogging from the P-trap and the vent system.

Check the Vent

As mentioned previously, the main vent pipe can be clogged, and you will find the toilet burps big bubble when flushed. To remove the clogging from the main vent pipe, you will have to go on the rooftop. Use a durable ladder that helps in reaching the rooftop. To ensure the vent is clogged, you need an assistant. When you are on the rooftop, the assistant will have to stay in the toilet.

Hold the vent opening with your palm and ask the assistant to flush the toilet 2/3 times. If the vent is working accurately, you will feel suction on your hand. If you don’t feel anything, probably it is clogged, and you need to clear the clogging.

To clean the clogging, you will have to use a plumber snake, which is a long flexible auger that can pass through a long pipe. Slowly put the drain snake inside the vent and check if you feel any clogging. Go for at least 20 feet to find clogging. If you feel something hard inside, push through it with the plumber snake, and it will break the clogging. Now ask your assistant to flush the toilet again and place your hand to hold the vent opening. This time you should feel the suction as there will be no clogging.

What Causes Toilets to Bubble When Shower Is Running?

Some people may discover that there is bubbling inside the toilet while running the shower. Well, this is also related to the drainage system. The after shower water usually goes through the main drainage system, which is connected with the sewer line. So, any clogging in the drainage system means it will cause bubbling for any kind of runny water through the drains.

Final Verdict

So, if you have read this article thoroughly, toilet bubbling when washer drains won’t be a big issue for you. Follow the above methods of clearing clogging and fixing the hose pipe, and you will be relieved. Don’t fear even if you are going to fix something in the toilet for the first time, because it is not a difficult task. Use your basic knowledge about bath fixtures, and everything will be right.

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