Toilet Anchor Bolts Spinning – The Reasons and Easy DIY Fixing Technique

The bathroom at your home is one of the most important places that need to function properly. Unfortunately, some common things will happen in the bathroom that needs to be fixed. Especially, any type of fault in the toilet could make things tough. However, it is nothing to be worried about. Most problems are fixable with the right technique and essential tools.

Toilet anchor bolts spinning in place is one of the most common scenarios in an old toilet. Even in a new toilet, it could happen. It requires fixing to keep the toilet stable. This article will let you know the reasons for toilet bolts spinning and how to keep carriage bolts from spinning.

What is Toilet Anchor Bolt?

Toilet anchor bolts are located in the ground that keeps holding the toilet seat in place by connecting it with the flange and the floor. Depending on the type of toilet seat, the bolts sizing may vary. The anchor bolt is often carriage bolts.

Why Toilet Anchor Bolts Spins?

Toilet flange bolts spinning issues may happen for various reasons. The most common thing is rusted bolts. When the bolts are rusted, it starts decaying the metal. As a result, it can’t hold the weight of the toilet seat and starts spinning inside the hole.

Another common reason for toilet floor bolts spinning is a smaller hole for the anchor bolts. When a plumber installs the toilet seat with the anchor bolts, the hole needs to be in the accurate size. If for any reason, the drilling hole remains small compared to the bolt size, after a few months or years, the bolts will spin. Because it can’t go deep enough inside the hole. Though nothing would happen in the beginning, after a certain time, the bolts start spinning.

The last reason that may lead the bolts to spin is moisture around the bolts. No matter how often or how many times do you use the toilet, there would be some moisture in the bolt. Now moisture mixes with debris and gets inside the hole of the bolts. The mix of moisture and debris works as a lubricant. So, when someone sits on the toilet seat, it may start spinning in place. Though it takes enough time to affect the bolts, it is not uncommon.

How to Stop Toilet Bolts from Spinning?

When the toilet anchor bolts spinning, the user of the toilet would find it is uncomfortable to sit there. If you don’t fix the bolts initially, it may crack the bolts entirely and may damage the toilet seat as well. You may consider calling a professional plumber to fix it. But fixing the bolts doesn’t require much expertise that anyone with the basic knowledge of bath fixture can do it.

Things you need to fix spinning bolts –

  • Spray lubricant
  • Adjustable pliers
  • Rubber gloves
  • Toilet bolts, nuts, and washers
  • Plastic cap and cap holder

Steps to Follow

Before you get into the whole procedure, wear the rubber gloves on hand for safety and avoiding too much mess. Then follow the following steps.

Step 1: Remove the Anchor Bolt

Whether it is rusted or in a good condition, you need to remove the bolts from its place for fixing. So, here you will have to use the pliers or the adjustable wrench. First of all, place a screwdriver inside the bolt hole to give it a fixed position. Because you can only move the bolts when it is not spinning. Okay, now you have fixed the position of bolts, use the adjustable wrench or the plier to hold the bolts. Pull it with full force and at the same time move the screwdriver so that the bolts come off. It will come off, and you are ready for the next step.

Step 2: Check the Hole

Now it is the time for checking the hole for the bolts. If there is anything that is working as lubrication and the bolts are moving. If you find something, clean that with a cloth and make sure nothing is remaining inside. Now check the diameter of the bolts to match it with the hole size. If you find the hole size is a bit small compared to the bolts, you need to drill to make it bigger.

Step 3: Drill the Hole

Take a sharp bit for the drill machine and attach it. Now, drill inside the previous hole to make it a bit bigger so that the deepness matches the length of the bolts. Keep drilling and when it is in the desired size, you can now reinstall the bolts.

How to Remove Rusted Bolts That Are Spinning?

If the issue is not in the hole, probably the bolts are damaged. Check the old bolts if it is already rusted. So, did you find that the rust on the bolts? Then you need to know how to keep toilet flange bolts from spinning.

If you want to reinstall the same bolts, you need to clean the rust. Use the lubricant spray on the bolts and let it soak for a few minutes. Now use a piece of fabric to clean the rust from the bolts. If there is too much rust, we would suggest using new bolts.

To install the new bolts or cleaned old bolts, check the bolts hole again. Make it clean. Now place the bolts inside the hole with the washer. Use an adjustable wrench to give it a gentle tight in place so that it attaches properly. Once it is tight enough, you can use caps on it so that debris can’t get inside the hole again.

Final Words

It is easy to solve the toilet anchor bolts spinning issue by following the above methods. You won’t have to spend hundreds of bucks to fix it. Use your basic expertise and the right tools. We have found that, in some cases, people complain about toilet tank bolts spinning issues. Well, for the toilet tank bolts, you can follow the same method as described in this article. Instead of reinstalling the old bolts, try to always install new ones.

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