Shower Only Has Hot Water – How to Fix It Yourself?

Taking a shower with warm water is the best way to get rid of tiredness. But sometimes you also need a cold shower, and you may find the shower only has hot water. If this happened to you for the first time, you may get worried. The fact is, you are not the only person who is struggling with such an issue. The shower may deliver only hot water for several possible reasons.

Everyone doesn’t have the same water fitting system at home. As a result, the lack of cold water in the shower may happen for various reasons. But mostly showers may have only hot water because of the faulty pressure balance valve. This is a mechanism behind the shower and it mixes hot and cold water. When it doesn’t work well, you will find the shower only has hot water.

The reasons of shower only has hot water and fixing method

As mentioned, the shower may have only hot water for various reasons. It could be either a shutoff valve or the water mixing valve behind the wall.

Shutoff Valve

We usually have multiple shutoff valves at home that supply the hot water. If you find that the shower and somewhere else the cold water is not coming, maybe a shutoff valve is closed. To fix this, you can simply turn on the valve. So, check each of the valves one by one to find which one is closed.

Once you find a particular valve is closed, turn it on and check the shower. Probably there will be cold water again.

Pressure Balance Valve

The pressure balance valve or water mixing valve in the shower is the main device that controls the ratio of hot and cold water. Now for any reason, if it is unable to maintain the ratio, you would either get only hot water or cold water. Even if the water heater keeps running, sometimes you may get only cold water. In your case, it may have only hot water.

When the pressure balance valve or water mixing valve behind the shower is the issue, you need to fix this with simple tools. If the water mixing valve is not fully damaged or too old, it doesn’t require replacement. Only changing the cartridge in the mixing valve would be enough.

To check the water mixing valve, you need to cut the drywall with a hacksaw. This will give you access to the valve. Once you find the water mixing valve, check it if there is any corrosion or other damages. Minerals may also be stored in it. Clean the valve and check the cartridge. Probably it is not working. So, it is recommended to replace the cartridge. Use a top-quality water valve cartridge, and it will work again.

However, sometimes the mixing valve position may change inside the shower. To fix the position, you need to check its position. Usually, hot water will be on the left side, and cold water will be on the right side. As you are not getting cold water, turn the valve into right and check the water temperature. If you get the desired temperature, nothing else needs to be done.

To change the valve position, you will need a screwdriver, Allen wrench, and locking pliers. So, before you start fixing the issue, gather your tools, and be ready.

How to get cold water in the shower in summer?

Depending on your location, the temperature will vary in summer. In some countries, in summer, it could be too hot outside. There won’t be any need for warm water. So, you may want to get only cold water in the shower. If you are from such a country and looking for an easy solution, do the following things.

First, you need to get access to the water mixing valve or pressure balance valve in the shower. All shower faucets have it, and you need to cut the drywall to check it. Use a hacksaw to cut the drywall and find the valve.

Now turn the water mixing valve to right and check the water temperature. As the shower has cold water on the right side, you need to turn the valve to the right. Once you have done it, you will start getting only cold water.

Why does hot and cold water not mixing in shower?

Are you struggling with water temperature fluctuation at home? If it happens, hot water and cold water won’t mix in the shower. The water mixing valve or pressure valve is the main culprit for such issues. When the valve becomes unable to maintain the ratio of hot and cold water, you will feel water is not getting mixed.

If you want to get rid of such an issue, you need to change the water valve position. Turn it left if you need a bit warm water, and turn it right if you need a bit cold water. For better performance, you may also change the cartridge inside the valve.

Final Words

If you have gone thoroughly to this article, shower only has hot water won’t be an issue anymore. Just follow the guidelines we have shared and get rid of the issue. Remember to buy a good quality cartridge for better performance from the shower valve. If you find the issue is not fixable by you, you must call a professional plumber. He will suggest you do the right thing.

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