No Hot Water in Shower but Hot Water in Sink – Possible Reasons and Fixing Method

From time to time, there will be several issues in your bathroom and No Hot Water in Shower but Hot Water in Sink is one of such issues. For most people, it is surprising to see that hot water comes in the sink but not in the shower. Well, it happens for some particular reasons and fixable. However, if you have the essential tools, you can do it yourself following the right steps.

When you are getting hot water everywhere else except for the shower, there are two possible reasons. The first one is a faulty installation of the anti-scald device. In most cases, when this device is installed too high, it won’t work properly and you will notice the shower doesn’t have hot water. The second and the most common reason for no hot water in shower but hot water in sink is a faulty shower valve.

Reasons for no hot water in shower but hot water in sink

As mentioned earlier, there are two possible reasons for not getting hot water only in the shower. Here we have shared the details of these reasons –

Anti-Scald Device

Did you know your shower handle or the knob has a device that controls the rotation of the shower handle? Yes, the device is known as an anti-scald device. It is a safety feature for any water faucet that ensures the user is remaining safe when taking shower or using the shower.

To get hot water in the shower, we usually rotate or move the handle to a hot direction and we get hot water. But the device limits the rotation to a certain point so that water doesn’t get too hot.

But when the anti-scald device is not working in the right manner or the position is too high, you will find the shower doesn’t have hot water or less hot water. It usually happens when the device can’t detect the water temperature and stops rotation before getting hot water. To be sure that the anti-scald device is not working, you need to verify the issue.

The only way to know if the device is working is by checking the water temperature in the faucet for different positions of the device. For this, remove the shower handle and locate the anti-scald device. Use an Allen wrench or screwdriver to remove the shower handle head.

Now slightly move the anti-scald device in the right direction and check if your water is getting hot or not. If you find that water is not hot enough, probably that is the main issue and no hot water in shower but hot water in sink.

Now go for more turns to the right and check the temperature of the water until you find water is hot enough. Once you identify the desired position, fix the anti-scald device on that point and place the shower handle head. Usually, you may have to set the anti-scald device a little lower.

Faulty Water Mixing Valve

In any traditional shower, there will be a water mixing valve in the shower handle. This valve is located behind the wall and ensures cold and hot water mixes well to provide warm water in the shower. If you didn’t find any issue in the anti-scald device and hot water goes cold then hot again, probably the mixing valve is the culprit.

Sometimes the shower mixing valve doesn’t work in the right way. A faulty mixing valve may deliver hot water for a few minutes and water will go cold within a short time. As a result, you may find no hot water in shower but hot water in sink.

There could be two possible things in the shower water mixing valve. Either the mixing valve is not working because of damage or the cartridge is too old. For both of these things, you need to access the mixing valve area. Cut the drywall in a square shape so that you get access to the valve.

Check the mixing valve if it is damaged so badly and unable to maintain the hot water ratio. At the same time check the cartridge if there is mineral stored. If the entire mixing valve is damaged, you need to replace it. On the other hand, if only the cartridge is old, just replace the cartridge. You will never face hot water runs out quickly again.

Why is the shower not getting hot water but the sink does?

Sometimes you may find all facets of the home have hot water but the shower doesn’t have it. This could happen because of a faulty mixing valve that controls hot water. Also, if the anti-scald device is installed on too much height, it won’t work properly. Check for both of these things to find which one is the main issue and fix it.

How to make shower water hotter?

To make shower water hotter, the best way is to use a dedicated water heater for the shower. Also, you can change the thermostat setting behind the wall for the shower. Set the anti-scald device to the right position where you get hotter water. If you can’t complete the task, probably you will need a professional plumber.

What to do when hot water not working in the shower only?

If you suddenly find a shower doesn’t have hot water but other faucets do, you need to check the possible reasons. As mentioned above, the anti-scald device or the mixing valve could be the issue. If it is an anti-scald device, check the position of this. Change the position of the device and check the water temperature simultaneously. Once you get hot water it is okay.

For a faulty mixing water valve, either you need to replace it or fix it. Some critical issues may require an expert to fix. In such cases, call a professional plumber.

Final Verdict

We hope now you will be able to solve the no hot water in shower but hot water in sink issue. Just follow the steps described in this article. It is not a big issue if you have basic knowledge of bath fixtures. However, when you can’t fix the issue, call a plumber to solve it.

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