How to Remove Shower Handle Without Screws – Explained in Easy Steps

For different purposes, you may need to remove the existing shower handle. For instance, replacing the handle with a new one or just for fixing a stuck handle. Based on the type of shower, the handle style may vary. When trying to remove the shower handle for replacing it or just for fixing, surprisingly you may notice there are no screws! Now the question is, how to remove the shower handle without screws.

There are various possible reasons for no visible screws for the handle. It could be a twisting handle which means you need to twist it from the base for removing. Some handles come with an additional cap. So, the screws remain invisible. This article is to let you know how to remove shower handle without screws. Also, we are going to share how to remove stuck shower handle easily.

How Does a Shower Handle Work?

The shower handle works as a water valve. From both the cold water line and hot water line, water comes to the shower. Now, when you twist the knob, the valve opens and you get water in the shower faucet. Again, once you move in the opposite direction, the water flow stops. There is a cartridge inside the handle which controls the water flow with the help of the handle.

How to Remove Shower Handle Without Screws?

As mentioned earlier, there are two possible ways that you could follow to remove the shower handle. Here we have described both of them.

Twisting Handle

Are you confused if there are no screws at all or there are hidden screws underneath? Let me give you a tip. Just open the user manual of your shower handle. Check the details and if it is a twisting handle, that would be mentioned. No matter if you have lost the manual. Check the official website of the shower handle and possibly you will get the manual.

If you find that it is a twisting handle, you will need two distinct tools to remove it. The first one is a washcloth and the second one is an Allen wrench or hex key.

In the first step, you need to place a washcloth on the top of the handle. Now use both of your hands and give it a gentle twist and it will come off from the shower. The part you have removed used to be a cap on the handle. Now you need to remove left of the part.

In the next step, place the hex key on the shower handle. Make sure the size of the wrench matches the handle size. Now twist it anticlockwise with gentle pressure. You will see it is slightly moving. Congratulations! You have successfully removed the handle. If you have a question like how to loosen a tight shower handle, hope you got the answer.

For Handles with Invisible Screws

Sometimes it is almost impossible to identify the screws and you may think that the shower handle comes without any screws. For such issues, remove the shower cap with a washcloth as described above. If there is a bolt, remove it with a wrench and go for the next step.

Now look for small screws under the cap, it used to be near the base of the handle. Once you find them, check the type of the screws. Are they large enough to use a regular screwdriver? If so, use a regular screwdriver to remove all of them. If they are too small, and you want to know how to remove the stuck shower handle, you actually need to pick a smaller screwdriver from the toolbox. Here small toolbox means the box where you get various sizes of attachments to connect with the driver. Pick the right size and use it for removing the screws. You have to put enough pressure on removing them.

However, if you find the handle comes with a hex screw, you will have to apply a hex key instead of a regular screwdriver.

How to Fix Shower Handle?

Why did you remove the shower handle? Does it have some issues that you want to fix? If so, you need to identify the main issue. For example, in some cases, you will see the shower handle keeps coming loose. Or, it may have a water dripping issue. Also, the screws could damage.

If the shower handle is coming loose, you need to use Teflon tape in the base of the handle. Start from the inner side of the thread of the handle. Wrap the whole base with Teflon tape so that the handle doesn’t become loose again. Now place the handle in its original place. This would solve the problem.

If the shower handle is dripping water, the possible reasons is a damaged cartridge. You can’t fix the cartridge, instead, you need to replace it. Find a good shower cartridge from any store and replace it. Firstly, remove the old cartridge with a hex key. Now place the new one inside and move the cartridge with the hex key. Now place the cap on it and water won’t drip again.

How to Replace Shower Handle?

If you have essential tools like wrench and screwdriver, you can replace the shower handle yourself. Buy a new item from a reputed brand. Must read some reviews about the product to have a good deal. Also, make sure that the new item is suitable for your shower faucet. The best practice is purchasing the handle from the same brand as the shower faucet.

To replace the shower handle, you need to remove the older one. Follow the process in ‘how to remove shower handle without screw’ section of this article. Once you have removed it, it’s time to replace the new one.

Don’t know Where should a shower handle be placed? No problem! Check inside the new handle and there will be a thread. Place the handle according to thread and give it a gentle twist. This time you will have to move it clockwise. After a few moves, it will be in place. Now use a wrench to tighten up the handle in place. Finally, place the cap of the handle on it.

Final Words

So, now you know the exact process of how to remove the shower handle without screws. Follow the steps as described here. Sometimes, however, you won’t be able to remove the handle if it is stuck so badly. We highly recommend calling a professional in such cases to avoid any damage to the shower faucet.

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