How to Remove Rusted Toilet Tank Bolts – Do This in Quick Way

If you check your toilet at home, you will find that there are different parts of it. Each of the parts is important to keep the whole system smooth. The toilet tank is one of the most important parts of the toilet. It is used to stay connected directly with the toilet bowl to flush water and keep the toilet clean. If you look closely, you will find the toilet tank has several bolts in it. The bolts keep the tank attached tightly.

When the toilet is becoming older, the bolts may get rusted. In such cases, people used to look for how to remove rusted toilet tank bolts. Well, to remove the bolts, you need to be careful. This article is going to share everything that you need to know.

Why Do You Need to Remove Rusted Toilet Tank Bolts?

Are you wondering why you need to remove rusted toilet tank bolts? Well, the precondition to have a modern bathroom is well-maintenance. Now some small parts can make the situation really challenging. Toilet tank bolts are one of those things that needed proper care. When the bolts become rusted, it will gradually damage the tank. As a result, water will leak under the tank.  But if you change the rusted bolts immediately, there is less chance of water leaking. Also, you won’t have to change the whole toilet tank.

How to Remove the Rusted Bolts?

Removing rusted toilet bolts require some pre-steps before going into the whole process. Before you start, follow the following steps to avoid much mess on the floor.

  • Turn off the water line for the toilet tank
  • Empty the toilet tank by flushing multiple times
  • To remove further water, use a sponge and absorb the remaining water
  • Try to dry up the whole tank to avoid less mess on the floor

Remove Bolts in Regular Process

If the toilet tank bolts are not too rusted, you may follow the regular process to remove the bolts. The regular process means that way you used to follow to remove bolts from somewhere. For this, you need a flathead screwdriver and a good wrench that you can adjust.

Now, place the flathead screwdriver in the bolt to hold it in the position. Place the wrench on the bolt and make sure it is holding the bolts tightly. Adjust the measurement if needed. Now move the wrench counterclockwise, and it will loosen up. When the bolts are loose enough, you may use your hands to remove them from the toilet tank.

If this process doesn’t work for you, you will have to try other methods as well. Maybe you will have to cut the bolts to remove them.

Cut the Bolts with Mini Hacksaw

A hacksaw is a simple tool that allows its users to cut small things in proper measurement. If you can apply this tool in the right way, you can cut the bolts. Though the process is manual and it will take enough time, but the benefit is, a hacksaw is easily available and doesn’t cost much.

Place the hacksaw in the right position. It should be a position from where you can move the blade in and out to cut the bolts. You may have to push it enough to achieve more power in the cutting process. Sometimes the bolts could be so rusted that even after loosening it, it won’t come off because of the rubber washer. In that case, cut the rubber washer and remove the bolts.

Cut the Bolts with a Reciprocating Saw

If you don’t know how to remove stuck toilet tank bolts with an auto tool, this part is for you.

To cut the bolts easily, you need to use a reciprocating saw. A Reciprocating saw is an electric-powered saw which is much more flexible than a mini hacksaw. It provides ample power that you can easily cut the rusted bolts. Even if the rust is too much, there won’t be any issue to cut with the saw. However, the saw has some risks as well. If you don’t adjust the blade and don’t know how to operate, that could damage the toilet tank.

Choose the right size of the blade to cut the rusted bolts.  Make sure the blade is comparatively short so that you have more control over its movement. If applied properly, the saw will cut the bolts smoothly.

Use a Bolt Cutter

This is the best way to remove rusted toilet tank bolts. But most people may not have a bolt cutter, and that is why we have shared the previous two methods. But using a bolt cutter is better than other processes.

Though it is a manual tool, still it could be very effective to cut through a particular area. It works like a mini hacksaw, but you will have more power in it. A mini hacksaw used to have a breakable blade. But a bolt cutter will have a strong blade with a handle that allows users to move it very fast and precisely.

Take your bolt cutter, select the right area in the toilet tank bolts, and start cutting. While cutting the bolts, be sure that you are not damaging anything inside the tank. It won’t take more than a few minutes to cut all the bolts in the tank.

How to Replace the Bolts on A Toilet Tank?

Don’t know how to change toilet tank bolts? Here we are going to share the process. Once you have removed all rusted bolts, you need to replace new bolts there to seal the tank and get everything fine.

Pick the best bolts for the toilet tank from any store. Take a screwdriver and the wrench to fit the new bolts. Now place the bolt in the hole of the toilet tank and hold it with the screwdriver. Hold the position tightly so that the bolts can’t move. Now use the wrench to tighten the bolts. Are you wondering how tight to tighten toilet tank bolts? No problem. It actually depends on the type of bolt. You can, however, realize that it is tight enough when you can’t move the bolts with all your force. Also, remember that too much force can break either the tank or the bolts.

Final Words

So, you have learned how to remove rusted bolts from toilet tank. If your toilet tank is leaking because of rusted bolts, you can now solve everything yourself. Just follow the tips we have shared here. Whatever the process you follow the remove rusted bolts, be careful to avoid damaging the toilet tank.

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