How to Remove Rusted Toilet Seat Bolts Without Damage – The Easiest Way

The main part of any toilet is the toilet seat. It is used to stay attached to the lower part that is attached to the floor. When you did install the seat, you may have given enough tight to the bolts that are attached to the seat. Most people use a wrench to give enough force and make the bolts tight. After years of usage, it may get rusted and you need to remove the toilet seat by removing the bolt.

Before you start this process, you must have to know how to remove rusted toilet seat bolts without any issues. There are different ways that you could follow. But it won’t be easy without knowing the actual facts.

What Causes Rust in Toilet Seat Bolts?

People often get surprised after seeing rusted bolts in the toilet seat. Well, it is nothing to be surprised. When you use metal bolts in the toilet seat, it naturally starts developing rust. When you flush the toilet or clean the toilet with water, bolts get in touch with water and start losing its galvanized part. Then the metal part does perform an oxidation reaction and creates rust on the bolt.

Why Do You Need to Remove Rusted Toilet Seat Bolts?

You need to remove rusted toilet seat bolts because the damage starts from rusted bolts. When you don’t take any steps for these bolts, it will damage the other part of the toilet. That means, besides damaging the seat, it will damage the whole system. But if the user removes the bolts in the early stage, everything will be fine and it will be easy to replace the toilet seat.

How to Remove Rusted Toilet Seat Bolts?

Want to know how to remove toilet seat bolts when rusted? Everything is explained here. To remove the toilet seat bolts, you need to gather all the essential tools. Based on the type of the bolts, the type of tools may vary. But some tools are mandatory which are –

  • A wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Metal Saw

Removing the Toilet Seat Bolts

The bolts in the toilet seat could be in good form where rusting is not too much. In that case, you don’t need to open them forcefully. Just following the regular method of bolt removing is enough. For this, take a flathead screwdriver and place it under the bolt and hold the bolt tightly. When you are holding the bolt with one hand, on the other hand, take a wrench that you can adjust measurement according to the need.

Position the wrench in the right place and give a gentle move to the wrench counterclockwise. If the bolts are moving, try one more time. Once the bolts are loosened enough, you can use your hands to remove the bolts.

If you become successful in this step of removing rusted toilet seat bolts, that’s great. But for too much rust, this process won’t be suitable for everyone. So, go for other methods as described below.

Cut a Hole in the Bolt

When you can’t loosen up the bolts of the toilet seat, you can follow this method. Here, you will have to cut a hole in the bolt for breaking it from the nearest area of its washer. Use a heavy metal drill and start making a small hole in the bolt. Once there is a hole, now change the bit of the drill machine and use something larger to make the hole larger. Slowly the hole will be large enough to break it from the upper part. As a result, you can easily remove the rusted toilet seat bolts.

Use a Hacksaw to Cut the Bolt

This is kind of a manual process where you will cut the bolt with a hacksaw. Find a good hacksaw that has a durable blade. Now place the hacksaw in the washer and start moving it in and out. It will take enough time to cut the bolt from the toilet seat. However, the process is so easy and a hacksaw is affordable. If you can’t afford expensive tools, following this method would be better,

Start from the base of the bolt underneath the toilet seat and cut the bolts slowly. When the lower part breaks off, you can easily remove the rusted bolts.

Use Bolt Cutter

Boltcutter is also a manual process but the difference is, here you will have more power to cut the bolts. Unlike the hacksaw blade, it has a handlebar where the user can hold the cutter.

Start from the base of the bolt where the washer is attached to the bolt. Give a gentle force so that the bolts cut faster. After a few moves, the rusted bolts will start breaking. Move the cutter frequently and cut the whole bolt and remove it from the toilet seat.

How to Replace Toilet Seat?

If you follow any of the above methods, now you have removed the bolts of the toilet seat. Now all you have to do is remove the toilet seat. When bolts are removed, nothing will hold the seat. Just pull it and it will come off. Now place the new toilet seat there and make sure you are attaching it in the right manner. Use new bolts to secure the new toilet seat. Place the toilet seat in the right position and start tightening the bolts.

Use a screwdriver and a wrench to give enough tight to the bolts. Hold the bolts in place with the screwdriver and start moving the wrench on the bolt to give it enough tight.

How to Prevent Toilet Tank Bolts from Rusting?

To ensure longer life of the toilet seat, you may want to keep the bolts rust free. Though rusting is a natural thing and it will happen for any kind of metal, you can delay it. to prevent toilet tank bolts from rusting, keep them dry all the time. Even if you are cleaning the toilet commode, make sure you are avoiding pouring water on the bolts. If water touches the bolts, dry it up with a fabric. Thus, you can prevent rust for a longer time.

Final Words

Now you know the process of how to remove rusted toilet seat bolts. Follow any of the above methods to remove the rusted bolts from the toilet seat. This guide will help you to replace the toilet seat without calling a plumber which could be costly. However, if you don’t have the essential tools for removing the bolts, make sure you get them from a good brand.

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