How to Remove Plastic Nut from Toilet Tank – Easy Ways to Follow

In the toilet of your home, different parts keep everything together. If you check closely the toilet tank, you will find that there are locknuts. Locknuts used to come in plastic material. These nuts usually hold fixtures and secure the fill valve. These plastic nuts are strong enough to provide good support.

Now, for any reason, if you want to remove the locknuts, you should know how to remove plastic nut from toilet tank. If you are going to open and remove the nuts for the first time, it may seem pretty easy. But let me tell you, though it is supposed to be easy, a wrong step can damage the whole thing. That is why people often can’t remove lock nut from toilet.

In this article, we are going to discuss each step that you should follow to remove plastic nut toilet tank lever.

How to Remove Plastic Nut from Toilet Tank

Before you start removing the plastic nuts from toilet tank, some essential steps need to be taken. First of all, emptying the tank is mandatory. Because you don’t want to make a mess in the bathroom. In the next step, you need to ensure all water is drained and you can now access the plastic nuts.

To drain out the water, do 2 to 3 flush. Most of the water from the tank will wash away. To drain out the remaining water, you can use a small hose pipe – maybe a 1 feet hose pipe. Now fill the hose pipe with water and block both sides with your finger. Now sink one side directly inside the toilet tank and keep another one outside. This will start draining water from the tank. You may also use a piece of sponge to remove left water.

What Do You Need to Remove Plastic Nuts?

  • A good plier
  • An adjustable wrench
  • Heating torch

Removing the Plastic Nuts

You will have to maintain a step by step process to remove the plastic nut from toilet tank. Here are the steps to follow –

Step 1: Turn Off Water Supply

If you don’t want to get wet while changing or removing the plastic nuts from toilet tank, you need to turn off the water supply. Find out the water valve beside the toilet tank. Turn off the valve by moving it anticlockwise. Now check if any water is coming inside the tank. Water shouldn’t come as you have turned it off.

Step 2: Drain Out the Water from Tank

Once the water valve is turned off, you need to drain out the water from inside. Follow the process as mentioned above. Once the whole tank is dry, go for the next step.

Step 3: Locate the Locknut

Now you are ready to start the removal process. First of all, you need to find out the location of the nut. It is used to be in the right above of the coupling connection.

Step 4: Check for Rust in the Nuts

Before you start removing the plastic nuts from toilet tank, make sure the nuts are not rusted. For rusted nuts, you can’t follow a general process. Instead, you need to apply some oil to loosen it for hassle-free removing. If the toilet tank is not too old, there won’t be any rust.

Step 5: Remove the Nut

If there is no rust in the nut, simple pliers or adjustable wrench is good enough to remove it. Start with the set of pliers. Adjust the measurement of the plier and try to move it counterclockwise. If it is becoming loose, you can remove it in this way. Put more pressure and remove the nut.

You may also use an adjustable wrench or a spud wrench to remove the nut. Set the wrench shape according to the nut size and fix it on the nut. Now move the wrench counterclockwise gently, and it will become loose. Remove it from the base and that’s all.

How to Remove a Rusted Nut Toilet?

When the locknut is rusted, you can’t remove lock nut from toilet tank in a regular process. Before applying wrench or pliers, apply lubricating oil. It could be WD-40 lubricating oil. Wait for a while so that the nut becomes loose. Now use the wrench or plier, and you can easily remove the plastic nut.

How to Remove Stuck Plastic Lock Nut Under Toilet?

If the locknut is stuck under toilet, you will have to cut it down. But the cutting with a saw could damage other parts of the toilet tank. The better solution is using heat to melt down the plastic nut. Though it sounds complex, it is actually easy.

All you need is a heating torch. Apply the hot directly under the locknut and when it is melting down, stop and remove the locknut. Be careful to avoid other plastic parts in the toilet tank. If a heating torch is not available, you may try hot water.

Why Do You Need to Learn How to Remove Plastic Nut On Bottom of Toilet Tank?

Several possible things could happen when the nuts rusted or damaged. In some cases, you will find that toilet leaking at lock nut. This could make a huge mess on the floor and can cause stains. So, removing the nut and replacing it with a new one is mandatory.

What Can Cause the Plastic Nut On a Toilet to Break?

The locknut or plastic at the bottom of the toilet tank could break for some reason. It mostly happens when the tank is too old and the nuts are rusted. It starts breaking down, and water leakage starts from that point.

Final Verdict

Now you know how to remove plastic nut from toilet tank in a simple process. Just follow the process step by step as described above. If you are applying heat for removing the nut, we recommend wearing the safety equipment. Use safety gloves and goggles to avoid possible dangers. Be sure that you are using a good locknut as a replacement, which can ensure longevity.

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