How to Make Suction Cups Stick in Shower – Step by Step Guide

If you purchase a ready apartment, you won’t have much control over the interior. As a result, you may end up with a shower where you can’t store everything in the nearest distance. A shower caddy could be the best solution for such issues, and suction cups are a must to stick the shower caddy. But remember, shower caddy suction cups won’t stick unless you follow the right way.

Unfortunately, people often find it is challenging to keep the suction cups stick. Well, it is not rocket science to keep the suction cup in place. If you don’t know how to make suction cups stick in shower, stay tuned. This article is going to share every detail that needs to stick a suction cup for a long time.

How Do Suction Cups Work?

Before knowing how to make shower suction cups stick, you need to know how do suction cups work. A suction cup is a rubber made cup which you can stick against the tile, glass, and other flat surfaces. It used to come with a concave area under the head that naturally store air inside.

Now when the user presses the suction cup against the wall or tile, air tries to pass out and creates a vacuum behind. According to aerodynamic law, air always tries to equalize itself, and as it can’t go through the cup, it forces against the wall and keeps it stick to the surface. If by any chance, air can go through the cup, it will fall from the flat surface.

Why Does Suction Cups Use in Shower?

Suction cups have various usages in the bathroom. The most common use is attaching a caddy to store some essentials in the nearest place of a shower. It gives easy access to things like soap, shampoo, razor, etc. Besides, suction cups are also suitable to hang several items at the same place. The benefit of the suction cup is; it helps to attach extra things in the shower without cutting the tile or making a hole in it.

Using suction cups, you can keep the beauty of your bathroom. Moreover, it is the best way to prevent damage to the wall.

How to Make Suction Cups Stick in Shower?

Now the main thing, how to get suction cups to stick to the shower wall when shower caddy suction cups won’t stick. Well, you can ensure that the suction cups stick to the wall in multiple steps. Here we have described each one, and the process is so easy that anyone can follow.

Step 1: Choose a Flat Surface

Before you know how to make suction cups stick in shower tile, it is essential to know which place would be best. As we have described how does suction cup work, you know that it is mandatory to avoid air leakage. It is only possible with a flat surface.

You need to find out an area where the tile is flat. It shouldn’t have any texture or a simple crack. Because a small texture could help air to pass out, and the suction cup fails to stick.

Unfortunately, for some people, the tiles may come in textured style. In that case, you could choose glass or mirror in the shower for sticking the cups.

Step 2: Clean the Selected Surface for Suction Cups

Sometimes the suction cup doesn’t stick to the wall just because the surface is not clean enough. It could be for both the suction cup and the wall. If there is even a small amount of dust, that could affect the effectiveness.

To clean both the surface and the suction cup, you can simply use a lint-free fabric. Wipe smoothly so that dust and debris get removed.

However, dry cloth for cleaning may not work best for all cases. For heavy cleaning, use some white vinegar or rubbing alcohol or a mixture of these two ingredients. Rubbing alcohol and white vinegar has properties that remove grease and heavy stain from surfaces.

Once cleaning is done, you can try to stick the cup. If it works, congratulations, you finally did it. If you fail even after cleaning the suction cups and the surface, go for step 3.

Step 3: Follow the Water Method

In the water method, you need to wash the suction cup with warm water. Just turn on the hot water supply and keep the suction cup under the flow. It doesn’t require to wait for a long time. A 1-minute wash is good enough for this method. However, remember that you shouldn’t use too much hot water which may damage the suction cups.

Once you have washed the suction cup, wipe it with a dry cotton cloth. No water drops should be inside as it could fail the suction cups to stable in place.

Warm water makes the suction cups flexible and more pliable. So, when pressed against the wall, inside air makes more force and makes the cups stable to remain stick on the tile or to the mirror. 

Step 4: Apply Oil to Keep the Cups Stick to the Wall

Though it seems like oil will slide the suction cup from the wall, actually a small portion of oil would help to make it more stable. It is not mandatory to apply oil all over the cup. Just apply a few drops of cooking oil on the lips of the cup. You may also try petroleum jelly.

Oil makes the cups to create a magnetic force with the flat surface. It keeps the suction cup stable, and you can easily hang something on it. However, too much oil can do the opposite.

Step 5: Use Tape On the Surface

There is no point when you know how to make suction cups stick in shower tile, but the tile is not flat. In modern bathrooms, interior architects often use textured tiles. Even if the texture is very little, it is enough to slip the cups.

If you are struggling with the same issue, all you need is a good tape that sticks to tile properly. Clear tapes come with a flat surface, and that could help you to stick the suction cups to install shower caddy.

Take a square-shaped tape, cut a small portion according to the size of the cups, stick it on the wall or the mirror. Now press the suction cups against the tape. Surprisingly you will notice the cups are not coming off, and it can hold enough weight.

Step 6: Try New Suction Cups

Unfortunately, in some cases, you may fail even after trying all the steps explained in the previous steps. In such a case, there is a good chance that you have got poorly made suction cups, and that is why it is coming off.

So, try a new set of suction cups but with better quality. That would be the best thing you can do if nothing is working.

Some Additional Things to Remember

  • Faulty suction cups will never stick in the shower
  • On average, a suction cup can hold 300-500 gram of weight
  • Be realistic when giving load to the cups
  • Humidity and temperature change can affect the effectiveness
  • You may have to change the cups on a regular basis

Final Words

If you follow all the steps we shared, you won’t ask again how to make suction cups stick in shower. The processes are proven, and people are getting success by following them. But never forget to buy the best quality shower suction cups to achieve a good performance. Keep patience while doing the whole process, and that will help to complete the work accurately.

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