How to Fix Leaking Shower Without Removing Tiles – A Detail Guide

If you just discover that the shower is leaking, it could be frustrating and annoying. Well, you don’t need to be very upset as you can fix the leaking issues just by knowing how to fix leaking shower without removing tiles.

To fix a leaking shower without removing tiles, you need to find out the area where it is visible that there is a gap between the grout and the floor. However, you may not find it easily, and that is totally okay. You need to close the gap and reapply the membrane to dripping water by applying a new solution and silicone. Sometimes you may also have to replace the shower drain as it could be faulty.

Most people freak out after seeing the leakage in the shower as they think they will have to remove the tiles for fixing. This article is going to guide you with details of the tile shower leak repair process without removing tiles as it could be expensive.

Why Does Shower Leak?

There are several possible reasons for a leaking shower. In most cases, the culprit is the grout that passes water through the membrane. It creates a gap between the tiles and the floor from where water leaks. It also damages the sealing membrane under the tiles.

Another common fact that causes leakage in the shower is a faulty drain. When the drain doesn’t work accurately, and the sealing is not right, water leaks instead of passing through the drain. So, it is mandatory to know how to seal leaking shower tiles.

How to fix leaking shower without removing tiles

When you are sure that the tiled shower floor leaking, you need to take immediate steps. Because after a certain time it could damage so badly, that you can’t do anything without removing the tiles. Here are the things that you need to do –

Apply New Grout – The most common reason for leaking in the shower is damaged grout. As it is a kind of cement, after years of usages, it gets damaged. In such cases, you need to apply grout between the tiles joint.

Before you start applying the white cement for sealing the tiles, make sure the entire area is clean. Why the entire area? Well, if you apply the white cement in a particular area, after a few days you may invent a new leaking area. So, clean the debris and other things from the tiles. You may use a pressure cleaner to remove the dirt for making it ready to use grout between tiles.

Now take the white cement powder and mix it with water as the manufacturer recommends. Make it a little bit thick so that the sealing becomes durable. Start applying the mixture thoroughly to cover the whole area. Apply it with a brush so that it becomes easy.

After covering the whole area, take a washcloth and remove the waste part. A wet cloth will work better for removing the waste. Now wait for an hour and clean the surrounding with water and water won’t leak again. If you want to avoid using a direct grout mixture, you can apply grout spray, which is available in the market.

Seal Corners with Silicone – Sometimes water leaks from the corners of the shower. Because in the corners, there is a weak connection between the tiles. After a few years of usages, the silicone sealing could break, and water leaks through it.

It is simple to apply silicone. Buy a good quality bath fixture silicone tube from any store. Now slightly apply it in the corners of the tiles. Once it is done, clear the waste part from the tiles. Silicone usually gets set on tiles within a short time. So, you don’t have to wait for a long time.

Check the Drain and Replace – Drain in the shower could be the culprit for leaking. To be sure about this, to visit the basement to check if the water is dripping under the shower. If water is leaking just under the drain, you need to replace it.

To replace the drain, remove the drain cover with a plier. Now remove the caulk with a knife or something sharp. Clean the inside area and bring out the drain. Then replace the new drain in the hole and seal it with caulk, and finally apply silicone around the drain. Finally, put the drain cover on it and it won’t leak water again.

How can I waterproof my shower without removing tiles?

You want to waterproof the shower means it is already leaking, right? So, start with checking the area where the leakage is actually happening. Now clean the area and reapply grout on the tiles and clean the waste part. Wait for a few hours, and it will work fine.

Can you waterproof over existing tiles?

Yes, it is possible to do waterproofing bathroom tiles. But that requires to be done within a short period once you notice the leakage. You can fix it from the exterior instead of removing the existing tiles, which won’t be a DIY solution.

How do I stop my shower from seeping between grout?

If the shower is seeping between grout, maybe the shower is old enough, and existing grout is not sealing the tiles. As a result, it seeps water slowly. The best way to waterproof a shower while the grout is damaged is by reapplying the solution on tiles.

How do you fix a leaky ceramic tile shower?

Tiles and ceramic are quite similar as both of them are constructed from clay. However, the process of making is different. But you can follow the same method as you do for waterproofing bathroom tiles. Follow the methods we have discussed above.

Final Words

This ‘how to fix leaking shower without removing tiles’ explained everything you need. If you follow the steps above, you won’t ask again how can I waterproof my shower without removing tiles. The process is simple, and it doesn’t require calling a plumber. However, be concerned about each step to avoid unwanted issues. Take help from someone in different steps if necessary.

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