Hot Water Turns Cold After a Few Minutes – Possible Reasons and Fixing Methods

Taking a hot shower after an exhausting day could give you deep relaxation. Unfortunately, you may end up with hot water turning cold after a few minutes. This is one of the common issues in the shower, and it’s annoying. When suddenly cold water runs from the shower you will lose your mode.

Hot water turns cold after a few minutes in the shower for several reasons, and the most common one is a faulty heater. Also, when multiple people are using hot water – for instance, two people are showering at the same time, hot water quickly runs out. Also, when the heating system is too old, leakage in the pipe and the tank could happen, and water becomes cold.

This article is going to describe possible issues and appropriate fixing methods. However, you won’t be able to fix all types of problems in the water heating system.

The Reasons of Hot Water Turns Cold After a Few Minutes

Several things could happen to the central water heating system that causes cold water in the showerhead. Here are the top reasons with probable solutions –

Overuse of Hot Water

The capacity of a water heating system is limited. No matter which product you are using, it will have some limitations. Even an expensive water heater can’t have an endless supply of warm water.

When you are living with a large family, there is a high chance that multiple people are taking showers at the same time, especially in the morning or in the evening. If the water heating system is weak, it won’t give warm water in each line. This could also happen when you have guests at your home.

In such cases, we suggest fixing the shower schedule so that no one struggles with the lack of warm water.

Building Up of Minerals or Sediment in the Tank

Sediment in the water heater is one of the most common issues that turn hot water cold within a short time. Usually, most people use water services from different companies. But regardless of the company, the water will carry some sediment or mineral. Though the amount is small, after years of usage, enough sediment can store inside the tank.

From different pipelines, sediment goes into the central heating system. When the sediment reaches the tank, it starts storing on the bottom of the tank. That means the capacity of the tank reduces. As a result, the supply of hot water will be limited and hot water turns cold after a few minutes.

If you doubt that the tank may have filled with sediment, check the tank and clean the bottom. Do it each month to have a flawless supply of warm water. However, for a heating system without a tank, such things won’t happen.

Issues of Thermostat

Did you know the water heating system of your home works with a thermostat? This is an electric technology that signals the water heating system when to turn on the warm water settings. The thermostat can identify the temperature of the water and operate the heater accordingly.

When the thermostat is malfunctioning, it won’t be able to take the signal properly. As a result, the system breaks down, and the heater won’t know when to turn on the warm water setting.

For such cases, it could be challenging to fix the thermostat yourself. Either you will have to take help from an expert, or you need to replace the heater.

Leakage in Hot Water Tank

If you are using a water heating system that comes with a tank, the tank needs to store enough hot water to supply in demand. But the system couldn’t be smooth when it has some leakage and hot water turns cold after a few minutes when you are trying to take a long shower.

Though water leakage in the water heater is not very common, it could happen after years of usages. To identify the leakage, turn off the showerhead and check the water level of the tank. Mark the water level and wait for at least 20 minutes. Now check again the water level if it falls.

If the water level is falling, the tank is leaking water. So, you need to replace the tank with a new one to stop leakage.

Poor Maintenance

Like any other thing in the bathroom or the shower, the water heating system also needs proper maintenance. Even if you have purchased a top-quality water heater, that requires regular maintenance.

Poor maintenance can end up in a faulty water heating system. The only solution is a regular checkup for the whole system.

Why does hot water runs out after 10 minutes?

Normally, the warm water supply will turn off after a certain time. But that won’t be 10 minutes if you are using a good quality water heater. If you find that hot water runs out very quickly, two things could happen.

First one, probably hot water is being used in different faucets, and the supply is finished. The second one is the capacity of the hot water tank. The water that we use for daily household works usually contains a small amount of calcium carbonate. This mineral can store in the bottom of the tank, and the capacity reduces.

For that, when you are taking a shower, hot water could run out even less than in 10 minutes.

Which side is hot water On?

Are you confused about which side of the water line is hot? Well, you are not the only one. People often get confused while taking a shower. In a standard bathroom setting, if you stand in front of the waterline, hot water will be on the left side. Coldwater runs from the right side. The valve behind the wall separates the water supply.

Why does no water coming out of hot water side?

If suddenly water is not coming from the hot water side, there is a good chance that the water heater stopped working. So, it is not supplying water on the hot water side. However, though it is rare, if the valve is leaking or has issues, it won’t be able to supply water on any of the sides.

How do you fix fluctuating water temperature?

If water temperature fluctuates, you should check the whole water heating system. Start from the thermostat and end with the water tank. When the thermostat can’t detect the water temperature, the water temperature may fluctuate suddenly. Another possible reason is trapped air inside the pipe. This usually happens because of the leakage in the pipe.

Why is hot water coming from cold side?

The thermostat in the water heating system is responsible for this. If it is faulty, sometimes water could get overheated and its flaws in the cold water line from the shower handle valve. Consult a professional plumber for a possible solution.

Final Words

Now that you know why hot water turns cold after a few minutes, take the essential steps to fix it. In certain cases, you would be able to fix it yourself. For instance, removing minerals, using plumber putty in the leakage, etc. But in serious conditions, it is better to take expert help. Call your plumber and ask him for the solution. Besides, ensure regular maintenance of the water heating system.

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