Bathtub Won’t Hold Water Quick Fix

Taking a shower in the bathtub may give you a heavenly feel, what to do if bathtub won’t hold water? Well, you can get the feel only when the bathtub is working accurately. Unfortunately, the scenario won’t be pleasing all the time. Sometimes you will have to face issues that you didn’t expect.

One of the most common problems people often complain about is, the bathtub can’t hold water in it. That could be a nightmare for you when you get back home tired, and you see you can’t take a warm shower.

The only thing to blame for leaking in the bathtub is the drain stopper. If the drain stopper doesn’t work, the bathtub won’t hold water. There could be some other factors as well. But in most cases, it is because of a faulty or partially damaged drain stopper. For this, the bathtub plug won’t stay up, and you will see the water is draining out.

Getting rid of the leaking bathtub is not a big deal. Find the issue, check the drain stopper, and fix it in the right way. This article will give you the exact details that require fixing. At the end of this article, you will get some temporary solutions as a bonus.

Why Bathtub Won’t Hold Water in Faulty Drain Stopper?

Just imagine what you do to fill a bathtub? You open the faucet of the tub and keep water flowing inside the tub, right? While water is flowing into the tub, you keep the drain stopper off with the stopper lever. If it works properly, the drain seals the waterline with a plunge inside the tub.

If the drain stopper doesn’t work, it won’t stop water from draining. That is the reason the bathtub won’t hold water with a faulty drain stopper.

How to Fix Bathtub Stopper – The Step by Step Guide

Once you identify that the bathtub not holding water and the drain stopper is the main culprit for leaking water from the tub, it is time to take the necessary steps to fix it. For the fixing, you need some essential tools – screwdriver, lubricant sprayer, washcloth.

After getting the tools on your hand, follow the steps as described here –

Step 1: Check the drain stopper lever on the bathtub, some screws are holding a plate on the stopper. To fix the drain stopper, you need to bring out the whole thing from inside the drain. So, unscrew the screws to remove the plate. Once the screws come off, remove the plate and go for the next step.

Step 2: Now before you start fixing it, pull the lever, and keep it lifted straight so that you can get access to the linage. Because you actually have to work on the linkage to solve the issue.

Step 3: In this step, you will have to retrieve the spring in the stopper to re-connect it securely to the bathtub drain linkage. The spring or the plug will go to the end of the linkage.

To get the spring on your hand, use a magnetic tool that can pull up the spring or the plug whatever you call. However, you have a magnetic tool. If so, you can simply use a magnet with a piece of string or similar thing, which is a good alternative to the magnetic tool.

Step 4: This is the crucial step to follow when the bathtub won’t hold water. In this step, you will find the errors and fix them. So, closely look at the linage, and you will find two rods are connected in an angled way.

Also, check for other connections if they are secure enough to work accurately. Mostly, the tub won’t hold water if the linkage is in a tangled position.

If the bathtub drain linkage is tangled, you need to make it straight by pushing or pulling the rods. After doing this, go for step 5.

Step 5: In the drain stopper, besides the spring, there is a pin in a U-shape. This pin connects the linkage with the handle. Check if it fits accurately. If you didn’t find the pin, probably it has fallen off, and you need to replace a new one.

Step 6: If the stopper comes with a spring, the length of the linkage needs to adjust by tweaking it. It is simple and easy to adjust. Just shorten up the spring, and it will work fine. If it is a weighted plug, shorten it to adjust the length.

Step 7: After you re-connect the spring and secure each connection, apply the lubricant with the sprayer. Now you are ready to feed the whole thing back in the hole. Slowly feed the whole drain stopper setup. Turn on the faucet and check if water remains in the tub. If it is showing leakage again, repeat the above process.

We expect a bathtub drain won’t stay open after following each of the above steps in the right way.

How to Keep Water in A Bathtub When the Stopper Doesn’t Work

People often ask how can I keep water in my bathtub without the stopper. Well, if you don’t have much time to fix the drain stopper, you can go for some temporary solutions. Here are the things that you can do –

Plumber Putty

When you got a leaky gasket, applying plumbing putty could be an effective solution. Buy a good quality plumbing putty to seal the drain. Roll two parts of the putty on your hand and give it a roll shape so that you can cover the gasket.

Now pop up the drain and cover the leakage area in a circle shape with the putty. It will prevent water from draining out. However, this is not a good thing for the long term.

Washcloth in a Bag

To seal the leakage, you can use a flat washcloth in a plastic bag. For this, take a washcloth, put it inside the plastic bag. Then squeeze the bag to pass air and make it airproof. Now remove the cover of the drain and put the washcloth with the plastic bag. Place the bag directly in the hole to stop water from leaking. Again, don’t expect enough longevity from it.

The lid of Jam Jar

Check the jam jar in the kitchen, and you will see there is a small lid. The lid could be a temporary solution to cover the drain if the bathtub won’t hold water. Place the small lid on the drain hole upside down and turn on the faucet.

Keep the lid pushing on the drain while the tub is filling with water. Once the bathtub is full, water will create pressure on the lid, but it will stop leakage. However, a small leakage will happen. But you can at least take a shower following this trick.

Final Verdict

Now that you know when a bathtub won’t hold water and how to fix a leaky tub drain. Go check the bathtub and follow the guideline described here. By following this guide, anyone can stop the bathtub drain stopper leaking. As mentioned in the later section, if you are in a hurry and want a quick solution, you can follow other tricks. However, those tricks may not work equally as fixing the drain stopper.

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