Bathtub Drain Shoe Leak – How to Fix This to Stop Water Draining

Does your bathtub drain water even if you have turned on the stopper? Several reasons could cause water leakage. But the most common is the bathtub rain shoe leak. Even if there is a small leakage, it may continuously leak water, and you won’t be able to take a shower.

If you have ever done any bath fixing tasks, you know that it is not that difficult when the essential tools are available.

Bathtub drain shoe leak for various reasons. The most common thing that happens to a bathtub drain shoe is the putty has removed or the connections become loose. Sometimes the drain shoe could be broken inside that causes the leak. You can, however, fix the drain show or replace it without calling a plumber.

Here we have described the steps that anybody can follow to fix the leakage issue. Regardless of the bathtub drain shoe types, the process is almost the same.

Why Is My Bathtub Drain Leaking?

If you check the bottom of the bathtub, you will find there is a drain. Now when you keep the drain stopper turned on, water can’t pass through the drain. It happens because the stopper seals the drain inside. Now for any reason, if the stopper doesn’t work or the drain shoe is broken or damaged, the bathtub drain will leak.

How Do You Stop Bathtub Drain Shoe Leak?

To stop a bathtub drain from leaking, you will have to follow some particular steps. However, some tools would be required to fix the leaking – pliers, plumbers putty, screwdriver, drain key. After gathering these tools, start the following steps –

Step 1: Before you fix leaking, you need to check the inside accessories. In most cases, the culprit is the drain shoe. So, you need to remove the drain cover to get access to the drain shoe. Use the pliers to hold the drain. Open the pliers and hold the drain by spreading the handles. Now put the screwdriver in the center of the drain and move the plier counterclockwise.

Step 2: If you hold the drain securely, now you can unscrew the drain basket easily. There are usually cross pieces inside the drain that are required to hold. If there is no cross piece, instead of pliers, a drain key would do better. A drain key can provide enough grip to move the drain basket. Hold the drain basket with the key and move it counterclockwise, and it will come off.

Step 3: In this step, check if there is anything else attached to the drain. Remove them with a screwdriver. Remember that you can’t remove the tub drain without tools.

Step 4: Now remove the nut that is holding the pipe and attach the extension pipe with the drain shoe. Use a screwdriver to remove the nut. Now the drain shoe will come off from the base. Check if there is an issue. In most cases, there will be plumber putty, and it may not work accurately, which is causing the leaking.

To fix it, clean the whole thing and wrap it with thread tape. We suggest using something abrasive for better cleaning.

Step 5: Now take the plumber putty and mix them well by making two rolls by hand. Mix the rolls and place it on the base of the drain shoe, and you can expect to stop leaking from the drain.

If you find the drain show is not repairable and it needs a replacement, read the later part of this article.

How Do You Replace Bathtub Drain Shoes?

A partially damaged or a broken drain shoe must require replacement. Bathtub drain shoe leaks won’t stop unless a new one is placed securely. To replace a bathtub drain shoe, visit plumbing store and purchase a new one. Then you need to do bathtub drain shoe assembly. For the assembling and installation, maintain the following steps-

Step 1: Remove the bathtub drain cover as described in the previous section. Securely remove the screws so that it doesn’t scratch the bottom of the bathtub.

Step 2: Now remove the nut that secures the drain shoe. After removing accessories of the drain shoe, fit the nut and the cone washer to the new drain shoe piping.

Step 3: Wrap the new drain shoe piping with plumber tape or thread tape whatever you call it. Start wrapping from the base so that it covers everything accurately. The thread tape helps to fit the drain strongly to the sealing area. Apply a coat of PTFE paste to the cone washer for better performance.

Step 4: With the new drain shoe, there will be a shoe rubber drain shoe gasket. Attach it to the drain shoe and slide it to the waste tee with the piping. Then adjust the drain shoe with the drain hole and keep it in the right alignment. Place the nut onto the waste tee and give it a gentle tight with your hands.

Step 5: Apply a good amount of plumber’s putty to the sealing area of the drain shoe. Adjust the drain strainer with the drain shoe and tighten the drain strainer with a screwdriver and remove the excess putty from it.

Step 6: Use pliers or a plumber’s wrench to tighten the waste tee nut and screw the bathtub stopper to the strainer. Now everything is in its place. It is almost ready to use. But before you start using the bathtub again, it is essential to know if everything is functioning correctly.

Step 7: To check the effectiveness of the drain shoe and to know if the bathtub drain shoe leaks again, turn on the faucet. Let the bathtub overflow and wait for at least 10 minutes. Then check if any leakage is happening. If everything is functioning accurately, the bathtub won’t leak again.

Final Verdict

Here you get to know what to do when a bathtub drain shoe leaks and how to replace it in the right way. If the drain shoe is not broken or damaged enough, it is not essential to replace it. Just clean the previous putty and other things from the drain shoe and use new thread tape and putty and that would be enough. For any type of broken things, we recommend replacing the old drain shoe.

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