Bathroom Smells Like Poop – How to Get Rid of Poop Smell

Most people don’t even notice that we spend a lot of time in the bathroom. So, keeping the bathroom clean and sanitized is essential, right? But what about the odor in the bathroom?

We have found in different forums that people often express they keep the bathroom super clean, and still the bathroom smells like poop! People frequently have asked why does my toilet smell. If you are one of the sufferers with the same issue, don’t be disappointed. It is not actually your fault. Keeping the toilet clean is sometimes not good enough to keep it odor-free.

If you don’t know why a clean toilet smells like poop and how to get rid of poop smell fast, this article is for you. Here we will explain everything with the possible solutions.

Why Does My Bathroom Smell Like Poop?

If you don’t know why the bathroom smells like poop, there are several possible reasons. But our finding is, clean bathroom smells like poop mostly because of a blocked sewer roof and clogged drainage system. Other than that, the toilet may smell because of a dry P-trap or dead animal inside the drainage system.

If the roof sewer ventilator is blocked, gas can’t pass out from the drainage system. It remains in the bathroom, and you get the smell. For P-trap, it requires running water to the system to avoid odor. But often in the guest room or in some other rooms, because of infrequent usages, it becomes dry and starts smelling inside the bathroom. When the toilet drainage system is clogged, you need to create enough pressure from the top to remove the clogging.

The good thing is, most of the things you can solve yourself. It just requires some essential things to do the work.

How to Remove Poop Like Odor from the Bathroom?

So, now it is time to learn how to not smell like poop. You need to go for multiple steps to get rid of the intolerable odor.

Step 1: Check the Roof Vent

Does your toilet smell even after cleaning? Check the ventilation on the roof. No matter whatever the interior of the bathroom, there will be a vent on the rooftop. The vent allows methane gas to pass from the toilet. If the vent is blocked by anything, that will start smelling like poop.

Check the vent of the toilet on the roof. If you don’t have access to the rooftop, you may have to use a ladder to get access. Remove the things that are covering the vent. Do flush frequently in the bathroom and check after an hour if it is still smelling. If there is no odor anymore, you have solved the problem.

Step 2: Remove Clogging from the Drainage System

After a long time of usage, the drainage system of your toilet could have clogged. As a result, water can’t pass through the system, but the solid remains in the line, and the toilet smells even after cleaning. After a certain time, it starts causing poop smell in the toilet.

To remove the clogging, you can follow different methods. Start with applying baking soda in the drainage system. Mix 2 tablespoon of baking soda and 1 tablespoon of rubbing alcohol with 1-liter hot water. Pour the mixture directly in the toilet and wait for a few minutes. This mixture will break down the solid things, and it will pass through the drainage system. There will be no clogging, and everything will work fine.

For more pressure, you could use a wrapping roll on the toilet. After pouring the mixture, wrap the toilet with a wrapping roll, wait for a few minutes. Now press on top, and it will create air pressure in the drainage system, and solid things will pass through the line. For better performance, you can use a plunger instead of a wrapping roll that creates more pressure to remove clogging.

Step 3: Do Flush for the Guest Room Toilet

If you find the guest room bathroom smells like poop, the probable reason is the dryness in P-trap. So, simply do 5-6 flush, and it will start working again, and gas won’t come in the bathroom repeatedly. Remember to follow this thing even if no one is using the toilet for months. It will help to get rid of the odor.

Step 4: Use Strong Odor Killer

The above steps are suitable when a clean toilet smells like poop. But if you want instant relief from the bad smell, the best way is to use some odor killing agent in the bathroom. There is a wide range of products available in the market that works as an odor killer and smells better in the bathroom.

You can also make an odor killer at home. For this, you will have to use essential oil. Pick something with lavender, orange, or lemon and rosemary scent to smell better in the bathroom.

Step 5: Install a Good Ventilation System

If you have followed everything and the bathroom always smells like poop, the probable reason is there is no ventilation in the bathroom. For this, we recommend installing a ventilation system for the bathroom. It could be a small window in the bathroom. If installing a window is not possible, you can install a ventilation fan to remove the odor and bring fresh air inside the bathroom. However, the process requires some critical things, and you may not be able to do it yourself. Call a professional who can help in the matter.

Additional Tips

  • Never forget to flush the toilet after usage
  • Must keep a ventilation system for the toilet
  • Keep the commode cover closed after usage
  • Keep the drainage system clean
  • Frequently use hot water and baking soda mixture to remove clogging
  • In critical condition, must call a professional plumber

Final Words

All the things you could do when the bathroom smells like poop are explained here. You don’t have to follow each of the methods. Following a single step would be enough for some cases. You will have to check after following each step if you get a poop smell from the toilet. If there is no odor, no need to follow other methods. But don’t avoid calling a professional plumber when everything fails to solve the problem.

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